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Here at Lynbrook FBLA, we are devoted to helping prepare young adults to become emerging leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. FBLA is a club with something for everyone -- we offer a wide variety of competitive events at the local, state, and national levels. Along with competing, members will have the opportunity to attend overnight conferences in cities across the nation. Lynbrook FBLA also provides members the chance to participate in community service projects, fun socials, high-profile guest speaker events, business partnership projects, and exclusive business tours.

253,000 members

70+ competitions

4 conferences

1 family


The competitive events program is an intrinsic part of the FBLA experience. With over 70 competitive events to choose from, members will find the event that perfectly matches their personal interests and challenges their skills. Events cover a wide range of topics, ranging from website design to healthcare administration to business presentations. There are individual events, many of which consist of an objective test, some of which include a presentation or project portion. Additionally, FBLA offers many team events for collaborative opportunity. Many events have one or two designated competition captains who will help prepare members for competitions.

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One of the key features of FBLA is the opportunity for students to attend various conferences throughout the year. Each year, there are four major conferences: the Leadership Development Institute (LDI), Bay Section (BSLC), State (SLC), and National (NLC). Some conferences are competitive, while others are purely developmental. Regardless, all conferences serve not only as an opportunity for students to compete with other schools from around the nation, but a chance for students to attend extensive career workshops, to network with current business leaders and, above all, to have great fun with friends.

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Over the course of the year, Lynbrook FBLA offers a variety of different events and projects for students to partake in. Each year, individuals have the opportunity to complete individual projects such as Business Achievement Awards and the Go Green Project. Additionally, members may take part in chapter projects which include partnerships with business such as Tesla. There are also business tours of companies such as Google, Facebook, Intel and Box for members of Lynbrook FBLA to attend.

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